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News of  August 01, 2000


Toyota "Origin" Gives New Look to Old Classic
Limited-edition Sedan Marks 100 Millionth Domestically Made Vehicle 

Tokyo - TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC), in commemoration of achieving the 100 million mark in domestically produced Toyota vehicles*, unveiled the Origin, a masterfully crafted automobile reminiscent of the first-generation Crown passenger car, a classic symbol in Toyota's history.  

The exclusive Origin, with only 1,000 units to be offered through Toyota dealers nationwide starting on Nov. 1, combines state-of-the-art automotive technology with the Toyota-cultivated and refined skills of superior craftsmen, whose workmanship is showcased throughout the vehicle.  

Only the best of the best craft the Origin

When it comes to exacting standards of automobile workmanship, the production line of Toyota's luxury flagship—the Century—tops the list. The same master craftsmen employed on this line have been tasked with producing the Origin to ensure that each Origin is a statement in elegance and superb quality.

With a design that is difficult to replicate using mass-production techniques, the Origin's front fenders and quarter panel trim are block-molded under the experienced eyes and hands of these craftsmen, guaranteeing that the seams of the exterior panels reflect both dignity and grace. Expert skill is the secret to connecting the front fender panels and front end panel to create a single seamless unit.  

*TMC reached cumulative domestic production of 100 million vehicles on Oct. 4, 1999. All exterior paint work is carried out employing the same method used in creating traditional Japanese lacquerware. This allows for polished surfaces that are extremely smooth. The deeper shine and more lustrous finish resulting from this method is of the same high quality found in the Century.  

Every Origin is produced with minute precision during each assembly process. Again, the trained eyes and hands of skilled craftsmen ensure superior quality when assembling the body, attaching the hood and other parts, and carrying out inspections.  

(July 28, 2000)


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