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News of  August 01, 2000


Development project under way for Renault land at Meudon

Paris, France -After inviting proposals from twenty-two real-estate professionals regarding the sale and subsequent development of 4.5 hectares of land at Meudon-sur-Seine, Renault finally opted for a project submitted by Cisco (for the offices) and Cogedim (for the housing). Buildings are scheduled for delivery in 2003. 

Renault invited proposals from twenty-two real-estate companies in March 2000 to ensure the future of 4.5 hectares of Renault-owned land at Meudon-sur-Seine, in the Val-de-Seine area, and guarantee the quality of property developments on this site. A number of development objectives for the property had been established jointly with the Meudon town council, consistent with the land-use plan. Proposals were required to include a project capable of adapting to the site, a purchase offer and a firm commitment from future office users. 

Out of the six development applications eventually submitted, Renault opted for a project from Cisco and Cogedim. Cisco, the world number one in computer networks, will act as both investor and user. The company is already located at Issy-les-Moulineaux and has undertaken to buy all the office space and business premises (50,000 square metres in all) at the new Meudon site, where it is to locate the new head office of Cisco Systems Europe, thus creating 2,000 additional jobs.  

Cogedim, one of France’s biggest real-estate development companies, is to take charge of 15,000 square metres given over to housing, of which one third will be reserved for public housing. 

Between now and September, Cisco and Cogedim are to proceed with work on architectural and town planning aspects of the project to address the concerns put forward by Renault, the Meudon town council and local associations. The final plans will be drawn up cooperatively with the town council.  

(July 26, 2000)


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