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October 9, 2002

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Cadillac Celebrates "100 Years Of Imagination" And Launch Of New XLR Roadster

Event Hosted By Devon Aoki, Ingrid Casares And Michael Capponi

Cadillac XLR roadster

Photo: GM

The worlds of design, entertainment and fashion joined forces Thursday night at South Beach's Sagamore Hotel in an extravagant celebration of Cadillac's centennial birthday and launch of the highly anticipated 2004 Cadillac XLR Roadster. Hosted by The Fast and The Furious 2 star Devon Aoki and nightclub impresarios Ingrid Casares and Michael Capponi, this exclusive soiree delivered the who's who of the jet set.

In keeping with the image of Cadillac, the crowd exuded up-market chic with a downtown sensibility-the perfect complement to South Beach's Sagamore Hotel, the famed gallery inspired hideaway.

Celebrity guests included JC Chasez of NSYNC, clothing designer Estaban Cortazar, Gabriel Union of Bad Boys 2 and All- Star Texas Ranger catcher, Ivan Rodriguez.

American driving legend, Bob Bondurant, General Motors Executive and Marketing Director of the XLR Roadster, Jay Spenchian, Chief XLR Engineer, Dave Leone, and GM Racing Executive Steve Shannon, and Grand Prix race car drivers, Max Angelina and Wayne Taylor, were also on hand to pay tribute to the great American Icon--Cadillac.

(October 4, 2002 )

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