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October 9, 2002

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BMW Group NA Sales September 2002: BMW Group Reports Record Sales

Sales for First Nine Months Up 17 Percent; September Sales Up 22 Percent

The BMW Group (BMW and MINI brands combined) recorded extraordinary sales increases for the first nine months of 2002, with 187,157 vehicles, a 17 percent increase over the same period a year ago, when the Group reported sales of 160,484. The BMW Group also reported September sales of 18,412 vehicles, up 22 percent over the 15,127 reported a year ago.

BMW Brand

BMW of North America, LLC reported year-to-date sales of 171,396 automobiles and Sports Activity Vehicles, up 7 percent over the 160,484 vehicles sold through September 2001. The company also reported September sales of 15,445, up 2 percent over the 15,127 in the same month in 2001.

BMW Automobile Sales

BMW reported sales of 140,261 compared to the 131,934 cars sold through the first nine months of 2001, an increase of 6 percent. The company also reported September automobile sales of 12,945, up 8 percent from the 11,978 cars sold in the same month a year ago.

BMW Sports Activity Vehicle Sales

BMW also reported September sales of 2,500 X5 Sports Activity Vehicles, down from the 3,149 vehicles reported last year. Year-to-date, SAV sales were up 9 percent, to 31,135 vehicles compared to the 28,550 reported last year.

BMW Certified Pre-owned Vehicles Sales

BMW reported CPO sales of 44,836 vehicles, a jump of 55 percent above the 28,852 vehicles sold in the first nine months of 2001.

September sales were up 68 percent, with 4,511 vehicles sold compared to 2,687 a year ago. Worth noting, sales of BMW's Certified Pre-owned vehicles year-to-date have surpassed the total volume reported in calendar year 2000, the best year ever for CPO sales (44,673.)

MINI Brand MINI Automobiles

The company reported sales of 1,536 MINI Coopers and 1,431 MINI Cooper S' for the month of September for a total of 2,967 cars sold. Year-to-date, the company reported sales of 9,355 MINI Coopers and 6,406 MINI Cooper S' for combined sales of 15,761. The MINI brand has been on sale in the U.S. since March 22.:

(October 1, 2002)

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