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News of  August 08, 2000


"Small" BMW with Standard Drive 

Munich, Germany - "Front-wheel or standard drive?" This has been the big question in the automotive world ever since on 17 March 2000 Professor Joachim Milberg announced the development of a new BMW model series positioned below BMW's current 3 series model range. What makes this question so interesting is the fact that all cars in the upper segment of the lower middle range come with front-wheel drive, while standard drive to the rear wheels is a characteristic feature of BMW cars through and through.  

The concept phase for the "small" BMW has now been concluded, the decision has been taken: The new car will have its engine at the front, with drive power going to the rear wheels. In the words of Dr Burkhard Göschel, Member of the Board of Management of the BMW Group responsible for Development and Procurement: "Taking this decision, we have opted for a concept that focuses in full on one of the most elementary features of all BMW cars, their unparalleled agility. This makes BMW the only brand offering this sporting drive concept in all segments, and the only brand to offer a car with standard drive in the upper segment of the lower middle range."

(August 04, 2000 )


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