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.September 29, 2004
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A Ford Fiesta Hybrid Concept-Car Using the Valeo StARS Technology


PARIS, France - Valeo's belt-driven starter-alternator reversible system (StARS, so called "belt-driven integrated starter-generator" at Ford) will be featured on a research project micro hybrid Ford Fiesta capable of improving fuel economy and exhaust emissions up to 10%.


Making driving economical and environmental friendly

In Start-Stop driving conditions, such as heavy traffic or at traffic lights, the engine switches off whenever the car is brought to a halt. An integrated system of sensors enables the engine instantly and silently to start again when the brake pedal is released or when the accelerator or clutch pedal is operated. The intelligent control strategy also ensures that the system does not operate during parking manoeuvres.

An innovative regenerative braking system

While stationary, all the car's electrical systems operate normally using stored electrical energy delivered by the regenerative braking system developed in collaboration with Valeo.This allows the braking energy to be converted into electricity and stored in the battery in the engine compartment. This electricity is generated requiring no fuel-expending power from the engine to charge the battery. The regenerative braking system even works on motorways when the driver lifts the accelerator pedal to slow down gently.

This new Fiesta which powertrain is a 1.4 litre 80 PS petrol engine coupled to a 5-Speed manual transmission could be in production by 2006.

(Sep 27, 2004)

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