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April 21, 2004
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The Third-Generation BMW 5 Series Touring

  • The Perfect Synthesis of Dynamic Performance, Elegant Style, and Superior Versatility (Short Version)

  • Intelligent lightweight technology with an aluminium/steel bodyshell, more space, lower weight, large panorama glass roof.

  • Even larger and more variable luggage compartment with automatic operation of the rear lid, Soft Close Automatic, separately opening rear window, and semi-automatic roll cover.

  • Choice of four engines and three six-speed transmissions: 2.5-litre six-cylinder and 4.4-litre 8-cylinder petrol engines, 2.5- and 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engines with EU4 and particle filter, manual, sequential and automatic six-speed transmissions.

  • All-aluminium chassis and suspension, self-levelling with air springs, Active Steering, Dynamic Drive, DSC with DTC, runflat tyres, and Tyre Defect Indicator.

  • iDrive control system with enhanced voice control, Head-Up Display, Active Cruise Control, Adaptive Headlights with bi-xenon light beams, and two-stage Brake Force Display.


Munich - Entering the market in mid-May 2004, the third-generation 5 Series Touring is rounding off the new BMW 5 Series as a whole, providing supreme harmony of sporting performance, refined comfort, spacious dimensions, and practical function all in one. This elegant new car is therefore an ideal partner for business, family, and leisure time. Either as standard equipment or as an option, the Touring comes with all the highlights in technology and safety features boasted by the new, innovative BMW 5 Series Saloon, such as Active Steering, Dynamic Drive, Head-Up Display as well as Adaptive Headlights. And in comparison with its predecessor, the new model offers a much larger and even more variable luggage compartment with convenient access thanks to automatic operation of the tailgate.

Sporting elegance and unmistakable design

Unusual and indeed truly outstanding in its design, the new BMW 5 Series Touring offers a perfect balance of powerful dynamics and refined presence, interpreting BMW's new design language in its very own, individual and elegant style. Despite the car's larger proportions, the new 5 Series Touring thus looks even more powerful, muscular and striking than its predecessor.

Extending smoothly from front to rear, the side-line enhances the elegant character of the new 5 Series Touring further accentuated by the almost coupé-like window line tapering down slightly towards the rear end of the car. The sporting character of the new BMW 5 Series is also borne out by the special design of the rear end, consciously taking up styling cues from the Saloon. With the rear lid being wrapped around all the way to the side panels, the new model simply looks wider and more muscular at first sight, thus being more reminiscent of a sports car than an estate.

In an nutshell, therefore, the new BMW 5 Series Touring is a classic 5 Series which, through superior function and versatility, opens up new dimensions in business, family, and leisure-time activities.

Lightweight construction: more space, more comfort, less weight

Photos: BMW

Get in and feel at home: The 5 Series Touring offers high-class materials in five equipment versions and with four interior colour worlds ensuring supreme comfort and refinement on the road. Two examples are the new, extra-quiet automatic air conditioning with adaptive air humidity control and the multifunctional comfort seats available as an option. And never before has the interior of a 5 Series Touring been as bright and 'breezy' as on the new model available as an option with a two-piece glass panorama roof measuring 0.68 square metres in size to give the car's passengers both front and rear a wonderful view and, when fully open, almost the feeling of driving in a convertible.

Compared with the former model, the new BMW 5 Series Touring has grown significantly in virtually every respect: Length is up by 38 millimetres (1.50´´), width has been increased by 46 millimetres (1.81´´), and the new Touring is 23 millimetres (0.91´´) higher than before. In all, therefore, the new Touring measures an impressive 4.48 metres (190.55´´) in length, 1.85 metres (72.83´´) in width, and 1.49 metres (58.66´´) in height.

Looking at the car from outside, however, you will hardly notice this growth in size and dimensions, short overhangs front and rear, extra-large wheels, and a wide track giving the new 5 Series both an elegant and dynamic appearance. But inside the new 5 Series Touring is another story, with up to 3 centimetres or 1.18´´ more shoulder room for the passengers, greater headroom, and 4.5 centimetres or 1.77´´ more kneeroom for the passengers at the rear.

Despite this increase in dimensions both within and outside the car, and even with the wider range of passive safety features, the weight of the new Touring has not increased over the former model. On the contrary: Thanks to an innovative combination of aluminium and steel in the bodyshell - as on the Saloon - weight has even decreased, depending on the model and the level of equipment, by up to 50 kilos or 110 lb.

Luggage compartment: larger, more variable, and with even better access

Nobody has to get their hands wet or even dirty when opening and closing the tailgate on the new BMW 5 Series Touring. For as an option all you have to do is press a button on the key to the car and the tailgate will open and close fully automatically. At the same time, with the rear lid swinging up or when opening the rear window, the roll cover automatically moves to the front for convenient loading and unloading without requiring any additional intervention on the part of the driver or passengers. And to conveniently put in or take out small items of luggage, the luggage compartment, like on all BMW Tourings, is also accessible through the separately opening rear window.

The floor of the luggage compartment is completely flat from front to rear, from one side to the other. Loading capacity ranges from 500 (535) litres (17.5/18.7 cu ft) all the way to 1,615 (1,650) litres (56.5/65.0 cu ft) with the rear seat bench tilted forward and the compartment fully loaded up to roof level. This is 90 (125) litres (3.5/4.9 cu ft) more than on the former model (figures in brackets applicable to models featuring runflat tyres and therefore not requiring a spare wheel).

Taking along the family, the driver of the new 5 Series Touring is able to easily accommodate two large as well as two medium-sized hard-shell suitcases and two travel bags in his car. And as an alternative, four 46-inch golf bags also fit conveniently into the luggage compartment.

Lockable for extra security, the floor of the luggage compartment can be raised up from its usual position, then remaining at any setting desired with the help of gas pressure springs (like the engine compartment lid), before being lowered once again. Beneath the floor panel the driver will then find a variable storage compartment for small odds and ends. The spare wheel, finally, comes one level further down (or, as an alternative, an additional 35-litre/1.2-cu ft luggage box whenever the 5 Series Touring is equipped as an option with runflat tyres).

The luggage compartment comes as standard with a roll cover, a partition net, four lashing points and a power socket, for example for connecting an electric cooling box. Optional extras include an additional storage package with a two-piece floor panel, folding partitions preventing, say, carrier bags from falling over, lashing belts in the side panels and multifunction holders serving, for example, to accommodate your shopping bags.

Split 60:40, the rear seat bench may be combined as an option with through-loading including a ski-bag. Another option is the roof railing for conveniently fastening a roof box or roof rack system carrying a roof load of up to 100 kilos or 220 lb.

Entering the market in four model variants

The new BMW 5 Series Touring is entering the market in the guise of the 525i and 540i, the 525d and 530d. With the exception of the refined 2.5-litre straight-six bi-VANOS petrol engine in the 525i carried over from the former model, the other three engine variants are new to the 5 Series Touring, offering a significant increase in output, torque, and performance. The 520i and 530i will be following in spring 2005.

Featuring a VN turbocharger and the latest common rail fuel injection, the brand-new 2.5-litre straight-six diesel develops maximum output of 130 kW (177 bhp) from 2,497 cc and muscular torque of 400 Newton-meters or 295 lb-ft between 2,000 and 2,750 rpm. This is an increase in output by 10 kW/14 bhp and in torque by 50 Nm/37 lb-ft over the former model. Acceleration to 100 km/h in the 525d comes in 8.3 (8.5)* seconds, fuel consumption in the EU cycle is a mere 7.0 (8.0) litres on 100 kilometres, equal to 40.4/35.3 mpg Imp. Top speed, finally, is 225 (222) km/h or 140 (138) mph.

Starring as a genuine power diesel, the three-litre six-cylinder develops maximum output of 160 kW (218 bhp) and supreme torque of 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) from 2000-2750 rpm, thus giving the new Touring the same kind of muscle already available on the 5 Series Saloon and the 7 Series. Offering average fuel consumption of just 7.2 (8.0) litres/100 km equal to 39.2(40.4) mpg Imp, the 530d Touring accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.2 (7.4) seconds and has a top speed of 242 (240) km/h or 150 (149) mph.

525d and 530d with EU4 emission standard and particle filter

Both diesel models come as standard with a soot particle filter developed as a completely new feature by BMW from the ground up. Interacting with additional refinements on the engine itself, this new filter enables the diesel models, just like their Saloon counterparts, to fulfill well ahead of time the EU4 emission standards not coming into force EU-wide until 2006. Thanks to a special catalytic coating, this innovative system does not require any fuel additives and is able to regenerate itself. The advantages for the customer are unrestricted function of the particle filter throughout a very long service life without requiring any additional maintenance, no reduction in engine output, and no increase in fuel consumption.

Within the range of petrol engines, the 2.5-litre bi-VANOS power unit developing maximum output of 141 kW (192 bhp) and maximum torque of 245 Nm (181 lb-ft) at 3,500 rpm is the refined midfielder within the BMW six-cylinder line-up - an engine combining dynamic performance with superior smoothness, power with economy. The BMW 525i Touring accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.2 (8.8) seconds and has a top speed of 232 (229) km/h equivalent to 144 (142) mph. Fuel consumption in the EU cycle is just 9.9 (10.3) litres/100 km or 28.5 (26.9) mpg Imp.

Top version with high-tech 8-cylinder power unit

The most powerful engine available in the 5 Series Touring is BMW's 4.4-litre 8-cylinder aluminium power unit with Valvetronic engine management, bi-VANOS, and a Fully Variable Intake Manifold. Developing maximum output of 245 kW (333 bhp) and peak torque of 450 Nm (332 lb-ft), this impressive machine gives the BMW 545i Touring the performance of a genuine sports car, with acceleration to 100 km/h in just 5.9 (6.0) seconds.

Top speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h or 155 mph, fuel consumption averages 11.3 (11.2) litres or 25.0 (25.2) mpg Imp in the EU cycle. *Figures in brackets relate to models with automatic transmission.

Six-speed transmission featured as standard

All models in the Touring range come as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox. Six-speed automatic with Steptronic comes as an option, and the 525i and 545i Touring are also available as an alternative with BMW's sporting six-speed SMG gearbox enabling the driver to shift gears via paddles on the steering wheel like in motorsport.

The wide range of optional extras in the 5 Series Touring largely corresponds to the options featured in the 5 Series Saloon.

(April 20, 2004)

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