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Porsche AG, Zuffenhausen (Germany)

Ferry-porsche-klein.jpg (29338 Byte)

Ferry Porsche, son of the founder
of the company

Porsche is the most important manufacturer of purebred sports cars with the longest history, and at the same time the world’s smallest independent car manufacturer. Today’s company originated from the design office established by Professor Ferdinand Porsche senior (1875–1951) in Stuttgart in 1931.

Initially it worked entirely on orders from third parties. The company maintained this customer development work – after the war in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and since 1972 in the Weissach Research and Development Center.


The first sports cars bearing the Porsche name were build by Ferry Porsche (1909–1998), the son of the company founder, as Porsche 356 No. 1 was put together in Gmünd/Carinthia in Austria. Since 1950, Porsche sports cars have been rolling off the production lines in to-day’s headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

A second plant was opened in Leipzig in August 2002. Porsche Deutschland GmbH headquartered in Bietigheim-Bissingen has been responsible for sales and marketing in Germany since September 1999. It currently cooperates with 84 Porsche centers in Germany. The global export of vehicles is managed from the Ludwigsburg location. Porsche is now represented in some 80 markets worldwide

Porsche Sales 1994 - 2005

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* Fiscal Year: August 1 to July 31,

source: Porsche AG






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