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March 21, 2007

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Renault invests in a new €135 million spare parts distribution center

  • The new spare parts distribution center will continue to improve the quality of service delivered to our end customers by offering top-quality logistics to the worldwide Renault sales network.

  • The new center will allow Renault to make optimal use of its warehouses and to cope with the increase in activity generated by the 26 new models included in Renault Commitment 2009.

  • The new site located in Villeroy, France will help to support the group's international growth.

By the end of 2007, the site will employ 300 people, including 240 local new recruits and 60 internal transfers

P. Blain, Executive VP for Sales: “This new distribution center will allow Renault's parts activity to support the commercial growth of the group, notably internationally, and the deployment of Renault Commitment 2009 by offering better customer service in terms of quality, cost and time.”

Renault has invested €135 million in this new distribution center. The new facility is part of a major program to create new centers or to extend the existing centers throughout the world (Morocco, Russia, Romania, Slovenia, Algeria, Korea, etc.) in order to cope with the growth of Renault's parts and accessories business.

These 27 central and local distribution centers throughout the world provide Renault with a world-standard logistics organization and significantly improve the parts service rate for our end customers. This 150,000 m˛ warehouse is capable of receiving all of the parts from numerous suppliers at a single Renault site that meets the company's logistics standards, thereby reducing geographical dispersion and improving logistics performance.



(March 22, 2007)

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