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.September 22, 2004
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World Premiere of the New Alfa 147 in Paris

The Paris Motor Show marks the debut of the New Alfa 147, a vehicle that enhances everyday driving satisfaction to the point where an ordinary trip becomes an experience packed with emotion. All this comes naturally to a model with the will to race in its genes. These attributes are not expressed by any great showiness but rather by great roadholding in any situation and over any road surface.

Grown-up sports aficionados will find that this exuberant compact car meets all their need for power and performance backed by total safety at all times. The New Alfa 147 complements its thoroughbred sports car attributes with a touch of style that allows it to thread its way through European city streets with aplomb.


It is a car for those who love to make their mark quietly through well-bred quality rather than ostentation. The new compact car guarantees thrilling performance with a touch of unmistakable Italian stylistic flair.

Exterior and interior styling

Photos: Fiat

The new Alfa 147, available with 3 or 5 doors, forcefully expresses all the creative vitality of the brand, a special way of appreciating motor cars that is very far from thinking of them as simply useful means of transport. Alfa Romeos have always been designed for people with expectations that go beyond the strictly necessary into the realm of emotions: aesthetic taste, a passion for sophisticated engineering, the sheer pleasure of sitting behind the wheel and an expression of one's own personality. The Alfa Romeo stylists and engineers took these premises as the basis for a car that is quite different from the present version.

A quick look at the outside tells you all you need to know. The car retains the tried and tested box shapes of the 147 and the biggest changes are reserved for the front end. The changes to the rear are more minor. The car features a new grille that is now bigger and enhanced by new design headlights. The final result is a front end that oozes sportiness and class.

At the rear, the designers reworked the tailgate and made slight changes to the tail-lights to make them more stylish: the light clusters have now been lengthened into a more triangular shape emphasised by a chrome moulding. The triangular motif so typical of Alfa Romeo design is referred to explicitly in the New 147.

Inside the New Alfa 147 retains the same acclaimed driving position and the excellent balance between the compact, embracing boxes, uncluttered surfaces and smooth, spare lines. Some exterior traits have been changed to underscore the look of sporty elegance that we have come to expect from Alfa Romeo cars.

Firstly, new colours have been introduced for the two-tone facia: grey on grey and blue on grey. These two colour matches complement the existing classic combinations of black on black, black on grey and black on beige, though the latter have also been revised through the introduction of a more sophisticated 'water buffalo' embossing. The New Alfa 147 features new instrument and control graphics, a new 'cannelloni' trim for the seats and door panels and a brand new design rear head-restraint that can be lowered for better visibility.

New engines

The range offers three petrol and three turbodiesel units. Beginning with two 1.6 Twin Spark 16 units developing power outputs of 105 and 120 bhp and torques of 14.3 and 14.9 kgm respectively; and a 2.0 16v unit developing 150 bhp (torque of 18.5 kgm) again from the Twin Spark family that is so popular with all Alfa Romeo customers.

The turbodiesel units are two spirited 1.9 JTD engines developing power outputs of 100 and 115 bhp and a mighty 1.9 JTD 16v M-Jet that develops a power of 150 bhp at 4000 rpm and a torque of 31 kgm (305 Nm) at 2000 rpm. The power units belong to the latest generation of JTD engines, i.e. Multijet and multivalve, and are notable for their great driving satisfaction and truly searing performances.

The range

The Alfa 147 range comes in 3 and 5 door versions and the range is obtained by combining: three versions (Impression, Progression and Distinctive); thirteen body shades; four interiors (two tones of black, grey or beige); different trims including fabric, Alfatex and leather - plus three petrol power units and three turbodiesels.

In addition to a wealth of safety equipment (including window-bags to protect occupants' heads), the model offers a long list of equipment and options including a manual or automatic bi-zone heater, parking and rain sensors, a radio with CD and MP3 player, Bose Hi-Fi player, two levels of CONNECT, a BlueTooth handsfree system and Xenon headlights.

(Sept 15, 2004)

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