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News of October 16, 2002


The GTA Family Is Growing With The New Alfa 147 GTA

Alfa 147 GTA

Photo: Fiat

Turin - Attractive styling, great temperament and outstanding automotive engineering: but also top-quality interiors and finish complemented by an ultra-comprehensive electronic and telematic package. These are the distinguishing features that underpin the success of the Alfa 147.

Those who love to drive will find this small Alfa is a compact car capable of outstanding performance over any route and one that always rewards its driver with that ultimate thrill. Now imagine an Alfa 147 that maintains these attributes but also offers better performance, better braking capacity and the dynamic performance of a racing car. Imagine the GTA version.

This aptly-chosen name identifies a range of vehicles that constitute the absolute quintessence of Brand sporting values. Models with a spirit that harks back to a great tradition of races and victories, coupled with a highly sophisticated, up-to-date engine and mechanical specification.

Today, a few short months after the launch of the 156 GTA and Sportwagon GTA, we welcome the Alfa 147 to the same family: the new car extends the product range of this type of car into a segment typified by a higher proportion of women and young people.

The model has been produced with the aim of creating an everyday car that can still offer its driver race-track performance and sensation under the right circumstances. For this reason, apart from a few tweaks to add dynamism and aggression, the body of the Alfa 147 GTA retains the original vehicle's acclaimed cool, stylish lines. But everything else has been radically changed.

The engine has been swapped for a sizzling 3.2 V6 24v unit. The suspension geometry and settings have been altered. And VDC - a highly sophisticated vehicle dynamic control system - has been added as standard. The result is a car that is the most powerful and fastest representative of its segment (250 bhp - 184 kW) and capable of thrilling performance: 246 km/h top speed; 6.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and 26.1 to cover a kilometre from a standing start. Not to mention outstanding dynamism, ride and handling. These are the telling differences that ensure your Alfa will deliver a unique driving experience. On the outside, the Alfa 147 reveals new features that reflect the changes to its chassis and mechanicals. These are also important stylistically because they make the vehicle look broader, closer to the ground and more beefy while still ensuring instant recognisability.

(Oct. 11, 2002)

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