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News of  April 10, 1999

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New generation of environmental commitment at Ford Motor Company
GENEVA, 9 March, 1999 - With the launch of the new Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo AFV models, plus displays of the Ford Mondeo ST250 ECO Concept, Ford P2000 program and TH!NK zero-emission electric city car at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, Ford is clearly demonstrating its global commitment to environmental leadership and responsibility.

THiNK, Ford electric car

This commitment extends from research, through to development and the manufacture of the vehicles themselves, then through customer use to the end of the vehicle's useful life and the subsequent re-use and recycling of materials.

Over half of Ford's scientific laboratory research and development budget - approximately $125 million - is invested in environmental research annually. The company is investing more than $1 billion in its global Alternative Fuel Vehicle programme and emissions research over the next five years.                                                                                                              


DaimlerChrysler Announces Media Consolidation Plan
Auburn Hills, Mich., Friday, April 9, 1999 -- DaimlerChrysler announced today a plan to consolidate media buying for all of its car and light duty truck brands around the world. The division of media buying will be split as follows:

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  • PentaCom, based in Troy, Mich., will purchase media on behalf of all brands in North America which includes Canada, Mexico and the United States.
  • GFMO, based in Stuttgart, Germany, will handle media buying for all brands in Germany.
  • Bozell Worldwide, Inc., based in Southfield, Mich., will buy media for all brands in all markets outside of North America, excluding Germany.

The contracts, including specific terms and conditions, are presently in negotiation.

"Since the merger, we have been looking for new opportunities and potential synergies from our shared marketing knowledge," said Arthur C. "Bud" Liebler, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Chrysler passenger cars. "After careful consideration of the expertise and capabilities of our collective agencies, we decided to consolidate media buying for all brands on a regional basis, taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge and talent that exists.

"By combining media buying, we can achieve savings that we wouldn't have gained individually," said Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. "Even though this decision has been made, our integration teams will continue to look for more ways to streamline the process further and bring greater efficiencies to our advertising efforts."

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