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News of  April 10, 1999

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DaimlerChrysler : Record Sales and Profit Figures in the First Business Year
  • Revenues up 6 percent for first two months of 1999
  • Juergen E. Schrempp: Integration proceeding rapidly and successfully
  • Robert J. Eaton: Growth and good opportunities for DaimlerChrysler

Eaton and Schrempp test driving the Chrysler 300M

On June 17, 1998 Chrysler Chairman and CEO Robert J. Eaton  invited Daimler-Benz Chairman Juergen E. Schrempp, to test-drive the all-new Chrysler 300M. Since than the merger turned out to become very successful

Stuttgart/Auburn Hills, March 31, 1999 -- DaimlerChrysler expects steady growth among all of its businesses, especially those operating within the company’s two key markets of North America and Western Europe. According to an outlook presented at the DaimlerChrysler annual press conference in Stuttgart on March 31, the automotive brands are expected to achieve further growth even within a stagnating or slightly declining market environment in some parts of the world.

The company expects revenues to increase to e 137 billion (euro) in 1999 from e 131.8 billion in 1998, based on the high demand for DaimlerChrysler products and the upward business trend for the first months of the year. By the year 2001, DaimlerChrysler projects an increase in revenues of more than e 20 billion to e 153 billion, with all businesses contributing to this growth. Profitability is also expected to increase further in the years to come. The company reported that strict cost management in all fields of business, and the synergies expected as a result of the merger, are a good foundation for enhancing profitability and increasing earning power in the future. 


1998:    Record Year for the Audi Group
  • Sales in excess of DM 27 billion; investments soar
  • Record production figure and employment level
  • Continued growth expected for 1999

Audi TT

Ingolstadt, March 23, 1999 - "Audi has achieved its ambitious targets for 1998", declared Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, in an initial review of the past financial year. Group sales rose to over DM 27 billion (1997: DM 22.4 billion). Paefgen continued: "We remain on a course of growth and are thus building on the progress of recent years. Since 1994, sales revenues have more than doubled, vehicle sales have increased by around 60 percent, investments have risen to more than twice the level of 1994, and our total workforce has expanded by over 30 percent."

Last year, Audi's vehicle sales reached a total of 599,509 units. This represents an increase worldwide of 9.7 percent. Vehicle sales in Germany totalled 244,127, an increase of 2.3 percent. Market share in Germany was 6.5 (6.8) percent, and 3.4 (3.4) percent in Western Europe.

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