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News of  May 23, 2000


Johnson Controls Honored with Design and Technology Award For Development of Innovative Vios Concept Vehicle

Johnson Controls Vios Concept 1

At the 2000 North American International Auto Show, Johnson Controls unveiled its Vios concept -- a small-car prototype with an interior that can be readily adapted to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of a vehicle throughout a person's life.



Photo: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls Vios Concept 2

Innovative seating and cargo storage options are a key part of the integrated small-car interior of Johnson Controls' Vios concept. Front passenger seats can be folded flat and equipped with functional modules for office, backpack and food-handling applications. When front and back seats on the passenger side are folded down, large items like skis can easily be stored inside.



Photo: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls Vios Concept 3

Johnson Controls' Vios concept features modular, "upgradable" electronic devices and controls in the instrument panel that can be updated as a person's needs change by plugging new systems into vertical slots. Most controls are positioned in the "center stack" of the instrument panel, in response to consumer research findings.


Photo: Johnson Controls

(May 18, 2000)                          


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