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News of  May 02, 2000


Visteon Immobilizer Hits the Road in New Toyota Avalon
Detroit, Mich. - Visteon Corporation is providing new Toyota Avalon owners with an added sense of personal security through a system designed to prevent drive-away theft.

The Visteon passive anti-theft system, now available as an option on the 2000 Toyota Avalon, ensures that only the owner's key is used to start the vehicle. If an incorrect key or starting method is used, Visteon's "immobilizer" communicates with the engine control system and shuts down all the engine operating systems, making the vehicle inoperable. Two owner keys are originally programmed into the system, and additional keys can be added.

"Visteon has the technical expertise to offer automotive manufacturers integrated, high quality, cost competitive safety solutions designed to meet increased consumer demands," said Roseann Stevens, vice president of global accounts, Visteon. "This partnership with Toyota is an example of what we have to offer customers -- innovative technology and superior global service."

Delivering the anti-theft system to Toyota was a Visteon global team effort. Visteon teams in Japan, Germany and several North American locations worked with their local Toyota customers to manufacture and provide the system, ensuring that all product requirements and specifications were met flawlessly and on time.

"Visteon is committed to our partnership with Toyota in developing new security and other vehicle systems for applications spanning the globe," added Stevens.

(April 25, 2000)


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