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.September 15, 2004
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Tenneco Automotive Launches New Aftermarket Products in Europe

Company Introduces DNX Branded Performance Exhaust, Suspension and Filter Products

FRANKFURT, Germany - Tenneco Automotive introduced its DNX range of performance exhaust, suspension and filter products at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt today. The DNX range leverages, for the first time, Tenneco Automotive's expertise in developing advanced automotive components in the tuning market segment in Europe, with products engineered to help today's generation of sport-compact drivers achieve new levels of engine efficiency, power, esthetics and sound.

Hari Nair, Managing Director, Tenneco Automotive Europe, said, "DNX is part of a product extension strategy that combines our expertise in OE product design and engineering with our experience in aftermarket branding, marketing and distribution. It is the logical next step in building our corporate brand reputation by bringing innovative new products and brands to growth markets."

The company launched the DNX brand in North America in 2003, and has now developed this line-up of performance products for Europe's leading sport-compact performance models. DNX performance exhaust products include complete systems, high-flow muffler assemblies, universal mufflers, catalytic converters, ceramic-coated headers, mid-pipes, and polished, laser-etched/embossed tips.

At the heart of each exhaust system is a lightweight, polished and embossed stainless steel muffler assembly featuring the DNX brand's exclusive "P2 Technology," with dual perforated partitions for improved performance and a powerful, unique tuner sound. P2 technology helps the engine achieve greater horsepower and torque under a wide range of conditions.

"P2 is a key differentiator in today's sport-compact exhaust market," said Nair. "Our engineers know the demands of the sport-compact market and understand the technology behind drag racing. DNX brings the two together to redefine exhaust technology for tuners. We're offering highly sophisticated systems, backed with extreme power, stylish attitude and aggressive sound."

The combination of exclusive ultra-high-flow design and lightweight stainless steel construction means each DNX performance exhaust system is ready to handle demanding performance levels. DNX exhaust systems are also designed for fast, easy installation and include polished and laser-etched tips.

DNX ride control products offer an aggressive look and include coil-over dampers for finely tuning suspensions. The DNX dampers feature a fully-threaded shock body and nine settings of adjustable damping for a unique breed of suspension technology that allows for precise ride height and in-car damping adjustment. DNX's "in-car remote technology" puts quick and easy independent front and rear damping adjustment controls on the dashboard and enables tuning for optimum performance under any conditions.

The DNX filter range is designed to fit original filter housings and features the DNX brand's exclusive "Channel Flow Technology" for improved horsepower and torque, air flow velocity, filtration and fuel economy. In addition, all filters are fully washable.

All DNX products are developed, tested and engineered at Tenneco Automotive's advanced engineering centre in Edenkoben, Germany using the latest design and testing technologies. Exhaust, suspensions and filters are manufactured using high-quality materials in ISO9002 and QS9000 environments.

Tenneco Automotive will begin distributing its DNX branded products in Europe by the end of this year. For product launch status, visit http://www.dnxperformance.co.uk/ , or go to http://www.dnxperformance.com/ for information on DNX in North America.

(Sept. 14, 2004)

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