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News of  April 5, 1999

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Renault to Assemble Cars at Nissan Plant in Aguascalientes
Infolatina: MEXICO CITY, Mar. 31 (Reforma/Infolatina)-- Renault reported that it will take advantage of its recently announced strategic alliance with the Japanese automotive company Nissan to return to the Mexican market by assembling Renault cars at the Nissan plant in Aguascalientes, in central Mexico. The alliance was announced last Saturday in Paris and part of the attraction are Nissan's assembly plants such as Aguascalientes and the one at Smyrna, Tennessee, in the U.S.


 Original 1924 Chrysler Six Debuts at the New York Auto Show

Chrysler Brand 75th Anniversary


New York, NY, Tuesday, March 30, 1999-- Seventy-five years after being initially denied entrance to the New York Auto Show, Walter P. Chrysler's original 1924 Chrysler Six finally makes its debut on the show floor on March 30, 1999. In an event to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Chrysler brand, DaimlerChrysler recreated the press introduction of the very first Chrysler car, originally held at the Hotel Commodore in New York.


Fiat's Betim plant grew competitiveness
Brazil, April 2, 1999- SABI: Fiat's Betim-based plant (State of Minas Gerais, Brazil) became the most competitive one in the world due to the Real devaluation. The plant produced 265,000 Palio cars in 1998, while the worldwide production reached 390,000 units. At present Palio cars represent around 70% of the global production at the Betim plant.

Fiat predicts to lift exports to Europe by between 20,000 and 25,000 cars this year, while exports to Argentina will be reduced by 6,000 units. Fiat will export 25% of its Brazilian production this year - it exported 107, 000 cars last year. The company plans to invest US$500mil in Brazil this year, of which US$200mil to produce in Brazil 70% of the parts of the Marea model, reaching 80% by the year 2000. The remaining investment will help the company finish building an engines plant in Betim and a utility vehicles one in Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais.

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