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News of  April 18, 1999

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HANDAR4.GIF.gif (182 Byte)  The all new 2000 Lincoln LS introduced at San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 1999 - The Lincoln LS is more than an all-new car – it is also an entree to an all-new segment for Lincoln.

LS is designed and engineered to appeal to a customer who normally wouldn’t put "Lincoln" on a shopping list of premium automotive marques.

2000 Lincoln LS

2000 Lincoln LS

Potential LS customers are busy building successful lives. They are independent, open-minded and confident but, at the same time, they’re not ostentatious – they don’t believe that the best choice in automobiles necessarily has to be the most obvious or expensive. LS is designed to balance American style and luxury with European driving dynamics. It offers athletic and confident performance while surrounding its occupants with comfortable, yet functional, luxury.    

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