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IVM Automotive, Munich, Germany

As a leading vehicle developer, IVM Automotive is one of the few companies with extensive experience in whole vehicle project organization. It has been part of the Edscha Group since July 2002 and makes up the Vehicle Design business division. It has around 1,000 employees and achieves sales of more than € 100 million. IVM Automotive profits in particular from the production know-how and global presence of the automotive supplier.

IVM AUTOMOTIVE is represented in nine cities in Germany. Regional centers and field offices are located in Stuttgart, Rüsselsheim, Ingolstadt, Munich, Sindelfingen, Wolfsburg, Ludwigsfelde, Hamburg and Chemnitz. The engineering center has its headquarters in Bad Friedrichshall. Since June 1999 IVM AUTOMOTIVE also owns the BAUR Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau GmbH (in Stuttgart).

Internationally, the company is active as an engineering partner to the automotive industry as well, including Brazil, the US, Great Britain and Spain.

IVM AUTOMOTIVE's customers include major car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler and General Motors, as well as system suppliers like Delphi, Johnson Controls, Magna, Lear Corporation and Bosch.

New structure for vehicle developer IVM Automotive

Munich, 3 June 2003 – The vehicle developer IVM Automotive of Munich, Germany, has been given a new matrix organisation so that it can respond more quickly and efficiently to customer wishes. The aim of this restructuring is to ensure systematic leverage of its specialist know-how and resources across all locations.

In future, IVM Automotive will be split into five business areas:

  • Whole Vehicle Project Organisation (WVPO);

  • Design

  • Body and Interior;

  • Samples and Prototype Manufacturing; and

  • System Development and Integration

(comprising Electrics and Electronics; Engine/Drive/Chassis; Calculation and Simulation; Testing)

Customer-orientation will also remain one of the IVM Automotive’s main strengths under the new structure. Each of its future eight German locations will be able to tap the complete range of services from all five business areas

on site; however, the expertise for each single business area will be focussed centrally at one location and coordinated there. For example, the Design business area will be based in the Rhine-Main region and Whole Vehicle Project Organisation (WVPO) at Bad Friedrichshall. Sales and customer support will operate across all locations on the basis of key accounts.

As part of the new location structures, the activities of Baur Fahrzeug- und Karosseriebau GmbH have already been moved from Stuttgart-Untertürkheim to the Samples and Prototype Construction business area at Bad Friedrichshall. Activities at Ludwigsfelde near Berlin will be relocated to Wolfsburg by the end of September.

IVM-Automotive will present the Baur G-Cabrio XL on the Auto-show in Geneva 2002

Off-road cars are in! The Detroit Motor Show in January 2002 proved it once more, the off-roads, crossovers and leisure cars represent a future trend. No surprise, that IVW-Automotive, a German based engineering company decided to develop its own view on a "German touch" off-road vehicle.

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IVM at the Geneva Auto Show 2001

Geneva, 1 March 2001 – The strategy of IVM AUTOMOTIVE focuses on two major areas for 2001: overall vehicle project organization and automotive electronics. Both areas are also the main topics for the company's appearance at the Geneva Auto-mobile Salon and the International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt.

«Today the industry's engineering partners must reorient themselves in order to follow the more integral project responsibility on behalf of the automobile manufacturers», says Josef Freistetter, Chairman of IVM AUTOMOTIVE. «We have already taken this route with the OEMs for some time now.» IVM AUTOMOTIVE now clearly delineates the importance of overall vehicle competence and automotive electronics by bundling these topics in two company divisions.

The Overall Vehicle Project Organization (GPO) division contains the combined competence required for management of entire vehicle projects and complex large-scale projects. The services range all the way up to support for the start of production. «The advantage for the customer is very obvious», says Freistetter. «With the GPO it has an experienced management organization that coordinates everyone involved in an overall vehicle project and covers the interface to the customer.»

IVM AUTOMOTIVE has continually expanded the Electronics division for many years now. The teams provide engineering services for the major car manufacturers and system suppliers in the areas of component development, tool and system development and overall vehicle electrical and electronic systems. In the process they work on topics like the development of vehicle electrical systems, diagnostic product development, control unit development, test system technology, integration, telematic and information systems. The entire process chain is covered, including drafting and design, detailed specification and specifications, simulation and optimization, hardware development and software implementation, sample production and prototype constructions, integration and testing, technical documentation.

March 08, 2005

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