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EDAG Engineering + Design AG

The EDAG Engineering + Design AG is a leading engineering partner for the auto industry. EDAG designs complete vehicles and the plants to build them all over the world. EDAG offers a comprehensive range of services and is charged with working out complex design projects for the big players in the auto industry.

With its complete process chain - from the design and engineering phases to the construction of models, gauge bodies, and prototypes, on to the testing phase, and all the way to finished turn-key production plants - EDAG commands the entire repertoire of instruments to create quality, time, and cost oriented solutions in vehicle design.

Reference projects such as the body-design for the MCC-SMART or the complete development of a new derivative for DaimlerChrysler are impressive examples showing the capabilities of the company as a design partner.

Toady EDAG with 26 locations and more than 3,400 employees is in a position to offer the performance spectrum of a "closed process chain" worldwide and in close proximity to the customer. Global Engineering Solutions.

Since 2006 EDAG AG's main shareholder is the ATON-Group

Services : Product Development Services

EDAG AG, Fulda, Germany

  • Styling

  • Vehicle Body Design

  • Digital Product (DMU)

  • Vehicle Electrics / Electronics

  • Model Build

  • Prototype Build

  • Parts Lists and Releases

  • Test and Development

  • Polymeric Service

  • Technical Documentation / Illustration

Development of Production Facilities

  • Method Planning and Design of Stamping Tools

  • Production of Stamping Tools

  • Planning of Production Facilities

  • Digital Manufacturing and Production (DMP)

  • Design of Production Equipment

  • Manufacturing of Production Equipment

  • Automation/Data Control Systems

  • Production of Drawn Parts and Body Shell Sub-Assemblies

EDAG Cars & Concepts

EDAG LUV Concept

The design concept of the “LUV” is based on an luxury-class SUV and incorporates a maritime look from bow to stern: oiled teakwood on the hood, as the flooring on the interior, and on the elegant cargo area conveys a maritime flair. The “EDAG LUV” is a real eye-catcher in other respects as well: the cargo area, behind the two rows of seats with plenty of room for 5 passengers, has been outfitted with teakwood and distinctly resembles a quarterdeck.

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EDAG Pontiac Solstice Hartop Version

The EDAG designers have designed a special hardtop, including a new boot flap, for the Solstice which not only puts a solid roof over the driver’s head, but also gives the car a completely new appearance. Inspired by the Pontiac Safari station wagons of the 1950s and 1960s, the EDAG designers have come up with a dynamic, elegant and contemporary variant of a sports estate.

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EDAG Rinspeed Chopster

The ‘Chopster’ is a lifestyle-oriented luxury SUV characterized by an unusually ambitious and commanding exterior design. The EDAG designers chopped the roof of the production vehicle by some impressive 70 mm and provided the 4x4 with highly dynamic muscular sides. A new original front with large air inlets for the intercooler, distinctive side sills and a powerful rear further emphasize the ready-to-prance look of the 600-hp all-round talent.

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EDAG GenX Concept

The genX is designed as an individual two-seater sports car of the next generation. Besides its sportive attributes the two-seater also comes with an adequate sleeping berth. By means of an electrical lifting roof the interior of the genX can be accordingly enlarged. The modular, external carriage boxes that are attached in the slender waistline of the genX are available for the individual use.

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The Keinath GT/C Cabriolet

The design team of Johannes Barckmann already envisioned the convertible version during the conception and design process of the "Keinath GT/C". We wanted to transfer the look of the GT/C completely", explained Barckmann the objective target of his team.

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 The Keinath GT/C

The Keinath Coupé - designed by EDAG - represents a seamless continuation of the squad of high-class sports cars that impress by timeless elegance. Thanks to the technology already successfully employed for the Keinath Roadster "Keinath GT/R" the buyer receives super-modern safety components and the highest possible level of reliability and luxury.

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March 08, 2002

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