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Bertrandt: Bertrandt AG - Company

Bertrandt was establisht in 1974 by Harry Bertrandt in Baden-Württemberg and today works in close partnerships with the automobile and aircraft industry. At 19 sites throughout Europe and in the US, approximately 3,000 employees are working in close proximity to customers in order to provide customised solutions: ranging from individual components to modules and complete vehicle derivatives. Bertrandt's main customers include major automobile manufacturers as well as various systems suppliers.

Bertrandt AG in Ehningen, Germany

The Bertrandt Group generated a turnover of Euro 220 million in the financial year 2004/2005. A sound financial structure and skilled workforce throughout the internal network of the enterprise are further cornerstones of its long-term corporate success.

Bertrandt’s objective is that customers perceive the company as a quality-conscious, flexible service providing enterprise that is a market leader in its areas of specialisation.

Bertrandt increases financial figures in the first quarter 2006/07

On this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Bertrandt AG in Sindelfingen the Executive Committee and Supervisory Board welcomed approximately 300 shareholders. Chairman of the Board Dietmar Bichler, informed the visitors about the most important key data of the financial year 2005/06, in which substantial financial figures could be significantly increased.

The most made of potentials on a heterogeneous market "In the past financial year we made use of our chances in an im-perfect market, Chief Executive Dietmar Bichler explained. This statement is constantly reflected in most important financial figures again. The Bertrandt Group registered a growth of 11 per cent with a turnover of 241.1 million Euros in the financial year 2005/06. The EBIT increased from 1.8 million Euros to 14.3 million Euros and the net profit could be superproportionally increased from 72 thousand Euros to 7.8 million Euros.

The optimisation measures for the structure and overhead costs affected among other things the earnings from the previous years. Beyond that Bertrandt registered a stronger demand for development services and could achieve in consequence a higher operational extent of utilization.

Due to the generated net profit Bertrandt also pays a dividend in this year again. Dietmar Bichler: "With a payment of 30 cent for each share we want to tie a link to our continuous dividend politics of the previous years and thank our shareholders for their financial commitment." The positive development of the enterprise continues also in the first quarter of the current financial year. In each case in comparison to the previous year’s quarter the company turnover could be increased as of 31.12.2006 with 38.5 per cent to 75.3 million Euros, the EBIT increased with 129 per cent to 5.81 millions Euros.

Over 500 new jobs created in Europe Dietmar Bichler also sees the creation of 516 new jobs at Bertrandt positively. "Against the background of the lack of engineers we succeeded in employing enough highly-qualified employees for our know-how-intensive business", says Bichler. Altogether the Bertrandt Group employed 3,577 employees at the end of the financial year 2005/06 compared with 3,061 in the previous year.

Source: Bertrandt - 26.02.2007



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