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Bertone Group, Italy

  BERTONE started in the workshop of coachbuilder Giovanni Bertone and continued with the genius and inventiveness of his son, Nuccio Bertone.

Today the BERTONE GROUP is a business enterprise able to propose ideas and products conceived as a complete, integrated development process, from the initial concept right through to production.

An industrial group comprising 4 companies, 2,355 employees and a production volume of 30,450 cars and 19,250 motorcycles in 2000.

left CEO Lilli Bertone

The BERTONE GROUP operates by integrating the skills of a team specialized in design, product and process planning, use of innovative technologies and materials, with a state-of-the-art production structure that is second to none in terms of finished product quality.

Nuccio Bertone,
1914 - 1997

Bertone Project Development is based on teamwork. It combines the expertise and resources found in the various Group companies in a coordinated manner to meet the specific requirements of each single project:

  • STILE BERTONE for design studies, feasibility engineering, model and prototype building;

  • BERTONE ENGINEERING for product and process engineering;

  • CARROZZERIA BERTONE for the workshops and prototype construction.

  • SOCAR-ICS, the fourth company in the Group, plays an essential role in this process. SOCAR-ICS focuses on production of special-purpose windscreens and is a partner of Italy's major design centres and several large European car manufacturers.

In today's market there is an increasing need for project suppliers to offer car manufacturers a global, all-inclusive service - from initial concept right through to the end result. Thanks to Bertone Project Development, the BERTONE GROUP is an ideal partner, with the capability to follow every aspect of a project and guarantee the results to certified quality standards.

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