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News of  April 25, 2000


Toyota Presents Its First-Ever MR2 Spyder 'Webventure'
New Wireless Technology Follows Toyota's Hot New Roadster & Twin Funnymen Drivers from Sunset Boulevard to Broadway Via the Web


Photo: Toyota

LOS ANGELES - America's unrivaled twin comedians - Randy and Jason Sklar, take to the road in the challenge of a lifetime -driving the first-of-its-kind MR2 Spyder roadster with a specially-outfitted web cam on a cross country journey "where no webcam has gone before."

The trip will broadcast live audio and video transmission from the traveling MR2 Spyder in Los Angeles and New York. The hip new roadster, presented by Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc. has been called the boldest two-seater to take a slice of the road since James Dean's coupe in "Rebel Without a Cause." It is designed for sports car enthusiasts seeking speed, affordability, thrills and cool styling.

The two-week MR2 Spyder "Webventure" will kick-off in Los Angeles at The Comedy Store, 8433 Sunset Boulevard, on April 27th (10:30 AM-1:00 PM) and the "Big Finish" will take place two weeks later in New York at Carolines On Broadway, 1626 Broadway (10 AM-1 PM) on May 11. The trip will be chronicled on a daily basis via Toyota's sub-brand website .Visitors to the site will be able to follow all the "happenings" of the Sklar Brothers in the MR2 Spyder as they cross country-following the "smile route" from Sunset Boulevard to the Alamo, from Bourbon Street to Times Square – and everywhere in-between. An archive of these two live events, as well as the two-week cross-country journey will be available for subsequent viewing on the website. The technology has been made possible by the innovative New York-based company,

The official starting line for the Toyota MR2 Spyder "Webventure" at The Comedy Store, will be a grand send-off celebration. The MR2 Spyder will be unveiled with its first-ever traveling web cam, and the Sklar Brothers will lay out their plans for the road adventure of a lifetime. Web engineers will walk through the technology and showcase the capabilities of the specially-equipped MR2 Spyder. Interested car buffs, comedy lovers and web followers will get a chance to experience the MR2 Spyder and ist specially-outfitted web cam by sitting in the passenger's seat, see the dynamics of the car firsthand and discuss the road trip with Randy or Jason on a live broadcast over the web.

Throughout the trip, the Sklar Brothers will deliver a humorous running commentary about their "Webventures" in the MR2 Spyder, as they develop their travelogue of adventures. There will be a daily "alert" as the traveling MR2 Spyder with its twin comedian drivers approach the various cities along the "smile" route.

The culmination of the MR2 Spyder "Webventure" will take place in New York City -- with a "Big Finish Line Event" at Carolines On Broadway. As the MR2 Spyder wheels into the "Big Apple," the Sklar Brothers will be primed with their travelogue of humorous on-the-road-on-the-web adventures to share with the New York audience. The exciting repartee will be broadcast live from New York on .

(April 25, 2000)


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