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Nissan Xterra Wins in New England

Nissan Receives Honors From the New England Motor Press Association

BOSTON - Today, the 2000 Nissan Xterra will receive award honors from the prestigious New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA). This award adds to the onslaught of major media awards that began with Xterra's introduction to North America last year.

The Xterra will be honored the 2000 Winter Vehicle Award of New England for Best in Class - Mini Sport Utility in a ceremony tonight at the Boston Globe headquarters. Xterra's award is one of 11 that will be honored by NEMPA tonight.

"The introduction of the Xterra last year contributed to Nissan's best sales year in Boston in a decade," said Mark Grimm, regional vice president of Nissan's Northeast Region. "We are honored that NEMPA chose the Xterra for this award and look forward to an even greater sales year in 2000!"

(Feb. 8, 2000)


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