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Audi Captures Chicago Architecture Award

CHICAGO - Chosen as the finest among a group of brilliant jewels, the Audi display at the 92nd Chicago Auto Show was judged the winner of the Award for Design Excellence. Now in its third year, the award is judged by the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects and honors the display which best exemplifies superior execution of exhibit design. The Chicago Automobile Trade Association, producers of the nation's largest auto show, instituted the award as an homage to the spirit of Chicago, universally acknowledged as the birthplace of modern architecture.

"Every year we view these magnificent displays it gets tougher to choose a winner," said James Jankowski, past president of the AIA Chicago. "But the Audi display was breathtaking in its ability to not only showcase the product, but to draw the crowd into the area. It's just stunning." "The Audi display is light and airy with fiery orange tones offsetting a sea of hardwood flooring," said Chicago Auto Show Chairman Bill Stasek. "They didn't load the area up with cars for the sake of filling space, but rather chose to spread them out so that the potential customers who walk by could view the vehicles almost as art."

Jankowski said the panel of judges chose the Audi display because of its excellent fit of message, product and space; communication of dynamic motion and controlled speed; and the conscious effort to use space intelligently.

Three additional finalists were judged as exceptional: Oldsmobile, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Of Volkswagen, judges commented that it made the clearest circulation and display of products reinforced by floor materials and liked the corporate logo made out of Beetle trinkets.

The Oldsmobile exhibit tied in well with corporate logo, consistent with brand communication; that it was an ensemble that works together, with arching canvas calling attention to the display without shouting. They also said the best carpet in the show would pamper the feet of the more than 1 million visitors to the show. 

The Volvo display exhibited mirrors softening the geometric look of Volvo cars. The judges also noted incredible attention to detail with the show's finest craftsmanship and reserved confidence.

Previous winners of the AIA Award for Design Excellence include Nissan in 1998 and Lincoln in 1999.

(Feb. 14, 2000)


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