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Land Rover North America Releases the 2000 Authoritative Guide To Sport-Utility Vehicles;

Award-Winning Buyer's Guide Updated to Include 2000 Model Sport-Utility Vehicles, Important New Technology

CHICAGO - "Grab a pencil and maybe a highlighter; sit down and spend some time finding out about sport-utility vehicles. Make notes in the margins. Mark certain phrases. Be prepared. This is your guide to making the right choice among the many SUVs available."

And so begins The 2000 Authoritative Guide to Sport-Utility Vehicles, which was officially released today by Land Rover North America, Inc. The award winning, 112-page buyer's guide offers SUV shoppers a candid look at the often-overwhelming world of sport-utility vehicles. It has been significantly updated for 2000 to include helpful information on recently launched vehicles and important, newly introduced technology.

Jim Selwa, vice president, Marketing at Land Rover North America, said, "The sport-utility market is fast becoming the most crowded, most competitive segment-there are so many good choices out there. While it's a great time to be in the market, is also pretty confusing out there. We created The Authoritative Guide to help consumers determine what their needs are and what vehicle best fits those needs, whether it is a Land Rover or another product."

Four-wheel drive? Unitized body? Four-channel anti-lock brakes? Land Rover's Authoritative Guide offers straight talk on technical issues, vehicle specifications and pricing data for 34 competitive 2000 model year sport-utility vehicles. Vehicle measurements-everything from cargo space to overall length and interior headroom-have been supplied by the individual manufacturers and are carefully presented in easy-to-compare tables, allowing consumers to quickly compare a wide range of popular sport-utility vehicles using one single source. In addition, readers will find articles addressing SUV safety, off-road driving techniques and background on venues where owners can use and enjoy their sport-utility vehicles.

The format for the fourth edition of The Authoritative Guide makes it both informative and easy to read and understand. Simple charts, graphs and numerous illustrations work to present the data in a clear, discernable manner. A comprehensive six-page glossary includes easy-to-master definitions of commonly heard-and often misunderstood-terms, such as Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, viscous coupling and ramp breakover angle.

(Feb. 9, 2000)


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