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Partner Team

The AutoIntell Consulting partner team combines long term consulting experience with deep industry expertise and the ability to provide the social competence to get companies move in the required direction. All partners proved their capabilities in top positions in the industry and within other top consulting companies.

Dr. Reinhard Coulon


Reinhard knows the industry from both sides in and out. As board member of ELF Oil AG he had modernized and restructured the state owned Minol AG. Before joining AutoIntell Consulting he led the Energy & Utilities sector at Capgemini. His consulting background is strongly Restructuring and Turn-Around focused

Dr. Wolfgang Grottke

Partner (Shanghai Office)

Wolfgang has 25 years experience in the IT and Automotive Market. For many years he was member of the Board of Directors of gedas AG, a Volkswagen AG IT-company. Before joining AutoIntell Consulting he was Senior Executive VP at T-Systems of Deutsche Telekom responsible for Asia Pacific and the company's CEO for the Peoples Republic of China

Dr. Friedrich W. Major

Partner & CEO

Fritz is a long term automotive consultant with deep roots in operations and IT. He learned the consulting business at Roland Berger and deepened his knowledge in IT strategy at Capgemini, where he led the Manufacturing, Automotive and High Tech MAHT sector. Before launching AutoIntell Consulting he was a senior partner at DiamondCluster, a Chicago based technology consulting firm

Thomas Wilson

Senior Advisor

Tom provides a lifelong career in the auto industry. Before leaving GM he was responsible for startups of greenfield plants in Shanghai GM and GM Thailand. Tom was manufacturing director at those operations after SOP and has spent 13 years in Asia. With his profound knowledge he contributed significantly to the start of a Chinese/American Joint Venture and the implementation of complete new plants

Dr. Peter Zeller


Peter has a longtime history within the automotive industry. As CEO of Nothelfer, a ThyssenKrupp company, he developed a deep  experience in the tool & die business as well as body shop automation. As a consultant he substantially contributed to the launch of a new automotive car company in China from scratch

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