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September 2013













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General Motors Sales in China Reach 2 Million in 2013

SHANGHAI – General Motors and its joint ventures in China today sold their 2 millionth vehicle in 2013. This is the fourth consecutive year that GM’s sales in China have reached 2 million units and the earliest in the company’s history.

Last year, GM sold its 2 millionth vehicle on September 21. It became the first global automaker in China to reach the milestone in 2010.

“GM continues to introduce new and upgraded models in China,” said GM China President Bob Socia. “This is enabling us to meet the needs of our customers and stay ahead of developments in our largest market.”

In the first seven months of 2013, GM and its joint ventures sold a record 1,788,972 vehicles in China. Earlier this year, GM announced that its joint ventures would invest about $11 billion in China through 2016.

(August 28, 2013)

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