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August 13, 2009

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Peugeot 308 RCZ: Full of emotion

Only a partial view of the Peugeot 308 RCZ

In September 2007, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Peugeot unveiled a concept car which left no observer unmoved: the 308 RCZ.

The desire to turn it into a commercial reality soon became overwhelming. However, to achieve the transformation from dream to reality required real determination, daring, and a lot of inventiveness.

The stylists and engineers worked together to ensure that the whole vehicle was in keeping with the expectations created by the exterior styling.

If the first wish was to keep the purity of the original styling, in spite of the challenges imposed by its production and commercialisation, the stakes went even further.

In fact, some very ambitious objectives were set in terms of driving dynamics and build quality in order to give the car its own, extremely strong identity.

The objective behind this compact 2+2 Coupé is for it to become an exclusive vehicle, full of emotion, aimed at enthusiasts who are particularly discerning with regards to driving enjoyment.

Its name, RCZ, symbolises this special and unique position within the Peugeot range, as it is the first car which does not use the usual zero or double zero numbering system.

The RCZ, therefore, acts as an illustration of all of Peugeot's key values; values which move with the times but are still pure and always in keeping with today.

Another challenge faced by the project team was to complete the development of this new vehicle in a particularly short period of time.  This was achieved as, just two years after the concept car was first shown, the RCZ will be revealed for the first time to the public, in its final form at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show.

A real challenge in the current economic climate, the RCZ will go on sale in Spring 2010.

(August 05, 09)

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