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August 06, 2008

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Citroen will present the custom designed C-Crosser at the British Motor Show

CitroŽn will be exhibiting a unique custom-made show car on its stand, S11, at this year’s prestigious British International Motor Show – the C-Surf. The unique model, designed and built by custom-car experts, Darren Horton Design and re-trimmed by Auto-Kit, will share the stage with 5 other UK premieres including CitroŽn’s ultra-green C-Cactus concept, as well as the Company’s newest and most environmentally friendly models.

Custom designed and packed with novel in-car entertainment throughout, the C-Surf is a hip, surf-themed concept of the Company’s rugged C-Crosser SUV.

The C-Surf The C-Surf edition of the C-Crosser is the ultimate beach must-have.

On the outside, the C-Crosser's body is airbrushed with a surfing mural and is fitted with special surfboard roof-rails – complete with a CitroŽn-themed surfboard.

A custom exhaust system and striking bespoke 20” alloy wheels finish the rugged look. Inside, the car features a complete tribal themed custom leather trim and more airbrushed art work.

The C-Surf’s impressive kit includes a dashboard compass, Genesis sound-system with boot-mounted subwoofer, two LCD headrest screens, 15" roof mounted screen, not to mention a Nintendo Wii console and DVD player incorporated into the boot. A lighting system illuminates the cabin’s interior with 2.1million possible colour combinations that can change in rhythm with the car’s sound system.

Photos: Citroen

(July 21, 2008)

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