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November 15, 2006

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Infiniti Luxury Car Brand Debuts in China

Photo: Infinity

Infiniti, the market leading luxury automotive brand of Nissan Motor, made its debut in China. The official launch event - “Vibrant; Graceful; A New Experience” - served to highlight the unique design concepts of Infiniti to Chinese customers. The sales of Infiniti product will begin in China next year. Nissan executives attended the event included Mr. Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, and Mr. Yukihisa Kayashima, President of Nissan (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

The presence of Infiniti will not only provide Chinese customers with a new and satisfying range of luxury automobiles, it will also serve to redefine the luxury car experience. Unlike more traditional luxury cars, Infiniti draws from contemporary global fashion trends - and brings vibrant, graceful and cutting-edge design to the market. Infiniti’s “human design” seeks to inject style into every aspect of the car, aiming to provide a most enjoyable driving experience. In China, just like everywhere else around the world, the potential customers of Infiniti are those who are seeking a new luxury experience.

Infiniti’s target consumers are successful people who are world citizens. They have their own tastes and identity. They value success and life style, and seek further successes. They enjoy their work and find fulfillment in it.




Open to new culture and new ways of thinking, they are forward looking, eager to learn and full of passion for life. They are increasingly interested in their hobbies, and they make smart decisions. They are successful, confident, intelligent, smart and sophisticated. They are competitive and ambitious, and generous and supportive of charities. They love art and travel and enjoy driving.

Infiniti demonstrated its unique and outstanding design concepts through the unveiling of the Infiniti Coupe concept car, which was making its debut in China. Infiniti strives to become a more attractive and sensuous automotive brand. The concept car has a simple and dynamic exterior and a curving body panel that stretches from the roof to the rear fender. “Infiniti cars will keep their long hoods and short rear deck proportions as these are dictated by their rear-wheel-drive layout and longitudinal engines. All truly powerful cars have these dynamic characteristics,” said Nakamura.

China Strategy

Although the Infiniti brand has not been officially launched in China up until now, the brand has enjoyed some recognition already due to its success in the overseas markets. To maintain a globally consistent brand image of Infiniti, the China brand name was chosen for its close phonetic pronunciation to the English name.

To maintain a global standard is a challenge to every luxury brand entering into China. With strict controls on quality, reliability and durability, the rich product line of Infiniti will satisfy the increasingly demand on luxury vehicles in China.

Presently, the operations of Infiniti are proceeding step-by-step. The recruitment of dealers began in late 2005. On July 2006, Infiniti held the dealer LOI signing ceremony in Beijing with selected candidates from major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In October, the first dealership began construction. According to the plan, Infiniti will launch its product in China next year.

In July 2005, the first Infiniti dealership opened in Korea. In April 2006, Infiniti announced timetable for entering the European market. In August 2006, Infiniti debuted at the Moscow Motor Show and officially launched the luxury brand in Russia. At present Infiniti products are available in Taiwan, the GCC countries, Korea, Russia, the U.S. and Canada.

(November 2, 2006)

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