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August 17, 2005
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Mazda5: An Insightful New Dimension Of Zoom-Zoom

Mazda masterfully combines cabin comfort, outstanding functionality and true driving pleasure into a clean and stylish design

IRVINE, Calif. - Designed from the inside out for maximum comfort, convenience and enjoyment, the MAZDA5 is the embodiment of innovative packaging, stand-out versatility and Mazda's Zoom-Zoom driving experience. MAZDA5 also charms with its sophisticated, yet subtly stated body design that is pleasing to the eye, and its dynamic driving performance that is a thrill to drive as part of one's daily lifestyle.

An entirely new type of vehicle for the North American market, MAZDA5 is aimed toward those who desire a MAZDA3 5-Door or similar size vehicle, but require additional cargo- and people-carrying capacity. MAZDA5 is part of a class of vehicle that is hugely popular in Europe and Japan, where space and utility must be maximized, and driving performance is held at a premium.


"The MAZDA5 is a new approach to multi-faceted motoring," said Weldon Munsey, MAZDA5 planning manager for Mazda North American Operations. "It has the dimensions, ease of use and value of a compact car, yet the sophistication, refinement and features of a premium import. Like the RX-8 sportscar, MAZDA5 breaks convention in seating access and interior design to create an entirely new type of vehicle."

Photos: Mazda

The MAZDA5 multi-activity vehicle will be available in either Sport or Touring trim levels. The Sport trim level includes an AM/FM/CD stereo, power windows and locks as well as cruise control. Touring trim includes all of the amenities of the Sport level and adds climate control, front fog lamps, attractive rear spoiler, sleek side skirts, an in-dash six-disc AM/FM/CD changer and a power moonroof. Striking 17-inch alloy wheels and a comprehensive airbag safety system are standard on both models.


The packaging delivers maximum comfort to occupants of all six independent seats, plus an additional dimension of utility through intelligent design that realizes easy access, ample seating arrangements, handy storage space and practical yet visually pleasing appointments. Core to the whole concept is the open space created in the cabin's center that encourages and facilitates free and open interaction between all who ride in the MAZDA5.

With an overall length of 177", width of 69.1", height of 63.6", and sitting on a 108" wheelbase, the MAZDA5 manages to deliver roomy comfort while limiting overall size. Despite the long wheelbase, MAZDA5 features an impressive minimum turning radius, making it remarkably easy for any driver to maneuver in tight situations.

MAZDA5 features large sliding doors on both sides. The doors open smoothly and do not swing out too far, making it easy to operate in parking spaces and other tight locations. The sliding doors provide far greater access for rear-seat passengers than conventional hinged doors. Features that make access to all seats very easy, even when loaded down with shopping bags, infants, or in other daily-life situations, include the wide sliding doors, the low and wide side steps, and one-touch third row walk-in mechanism.

Versatile seat arrangements

The second and third row seats can be easily arranged in a number of flexible patterns to allow maximum efficiency in the use of space. In addition to their long slide adjustment and reclining functions, the second row seats each feature a handy double-fold mechanism.

Design details to achieve maximum comfort include slide adjustment and reclining functions on the second row seats, and a flat floor design that ensures maximum legroom in both the second and third row seats. Folding down the second and third row seatbacks creates an expansive luggage area with a virtually flat floor.

Cleverly, a karakuri utility box stowed beneath the cushion of the right-hand seat in the second row can be folded out to store toys or the little things that accompany everyday life inside a vehicle. It is also fitted with two additional cupholders for second-row passengers' use. The area under the cushion of the left-hand seat in the second row is left open, and offers further out-of-sight storage.


To ensure usability and ease of accessibility, painstaking research that included attaching sensors to test subjects and running simulations of the human body's actual movement when opening/closing the door helped produce easy-to-operate sliding doors on both sides open to a full 27.5", into which a parent can enter while carrying an infant. The walk-through cabin design and one-touch entry to the third row further add to the ease of access.

Another product of extensive testing, the new light-weight lift-gate with two-step stop mechanism maximizes operational ease for users of all heights and builds.

Active and passive safety

Mazda's own highly rigid, collision-safe Mazda Advanced Impact-energy Distribution and Absorption System body is greatly evolved to match the characteristics of the MAZDA5's body design. The outstanding level of crash safety achieved was subjected to strenuous testing under conditions more severe than the regulations and standards of each market, with the goal being not only excellent scores in standardized tests such as NCAP (U.S) or Euro NCAP, but also an ability to ultimately protect passengers in the wide and unpredictable variety of real-world accidents.

The airbag supported supplemental restraint systems add an extra measure of protection for all occupants, from the front and side airbags for the driver and front seat passenger, to a new standard-equipment side-curtain air bag large enough to protect those sitting in all three rows of seats.

On the active, Zoom-Zoom side of safety, the MAZDA5's advanced safety systems include a four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) system. Mechanical brake assistance boosts the brake pedal force applied by the driver in the event of an emergency to ensure a shorter stopping distance.

The driver is also well positioned to assure clear visibility by minimizing blind spots and maximizing the view through the side windows, making pedestrians, small children and the likes easier to spot.

(August 10, 2005)

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