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August 03, 2005
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The New Daimler Super Eight

Daimler returns to the new car showroom this autumn with an all-new model, the Super Eight

Daimler owners are making a statement with the car that they drive. They are telling the world what they want and expect from the Daimler marque - a car of quality, beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship: A car like the new Daimler Super Eight.

For over a century the mention of the Daimler name or the sight of the unique fluted radiator grille has evoked the memory of a succession of classic automobiles. From the famous Double Six V12-engined Daimlers of the 1920s that were owned by King George V of England, through to the Sovereign and Double Six models of the 1960s and '70s, Britain's oldest and most respected marque has signified luxury, sophisticated style and individual statement. For 109, years Daimlers have been bought by people who expect the best and appreciate the authenticity and craftsmanship that a Daimler can offer. In the 21st century nothing has changed.


Owned by Jaguar since 1960, Daimler is proud to start the next chapter in its distinguished history with the unveiling of a new model, a car that reaffirms the marque's valued position in the marketplace and offers the large number of loyal Daimler owners and enthusiasts around the world the opportunity to enjoy a new model that reflects their motoring desires and lifestyles.

Daimler returns to the market with this new car following a groundswell of customer demand. Daimler owners expect the best of everything and compromise on nothing, which is the philosophy behind the new Super Eight. From refined performance and comfort through to distinctive but timeless design, the new Daimler will give customers the opportunity to experience the latest in automotive technologies whilst making a discreet but confident statement about themselves.

"We know that customers who buy Daimlers - like their Jaguar counterparts - are immensely loyal to the brand. When they come to our showrooms to buy the new Daimler Super Eight; they will not only enjoy driving and being driven in the most advanced Daimler ever, but they will also receive the bespoke and personal service that makes the Daimler ownership experience so special from the very first moment," says Bibiana Boerio, Managing Director, Jaguar Cars.

Photos: Jaguar

If the Daimler buying experience will lack for nothing, then the driving experience is its equal. The new Daimler Super Eight is powered by a 4.2 litre supercharged V8 engine mounted in an innovative lightweight aluminium body, and the resulting performance gives the Daimler effortless and refined, high-speed cruising ability.

Inside the new Daimler, comfort levels will be sumptuous thanks to luxurious trim of the highest quality and a comprehensive range of equipment including voice-activated four-zone climate control, a full multi-media entertainment system and power adjustable rear-seats with folding work-tables.

"The new Daimler Super Eight is a premium product for a premium customer base," says Bibiana Boerio. "But it's also more than that. It quite seamlessly blends the marque's wonderful heritage and image with some incredible technology and design. The great Daimlers of the past now have a successor and our Daimler customers have the opportunity to express themselves once again."

THE NEW DAIMLER SUPER EIGHT AT A GLANCE - First new Daimler model for seven years and the most advanced Daimler ever - Created following customer demand for the return of the Daimler marque - Unique Daimler detailing to both exterior and interior, including fluted radiator grille and swirling 'D' badge on grille, boot release and seat headrests - Chrome dressing to wing mirrors and rear-light surrounds - 18-inch Rapier alloy wheels - Choice of six body colours including two unique Daimler choices - Garnet (a metallic Burgundy) and Westminster Blue - Three leather interior trims - Champagne, Ivory and Charcoal - All Burr Walnut veneer will have authentic, handcrafted Boxwood inlays for contrasting effect - High levels of interior equipment including fold-down business trays, lambs' wool rugs, electric rear seats, four-zone air-conditioning, television tuner - Powered by 400bhp (298kW) DIN, 4.2 litre V8 supercharged engine with six-speed automatic gearbox - Innovative lightweight body made from aluminium - Acoustic laminated glass for even greater levels of comfort and quietness - The new Daimler Super Eight will be on sale from November 2005.

(August 2, 2005)

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