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August 03, 2005
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The New Passat Variant

  • The new Passat Variant will be available in most European markets by the end of September

  • This sixth generation combines professional functionality with compelling design

Wolfsburg - Volkswagen presents the new Passat Variant. The sixth generation of this bestseller estate car is due to be launched in Germany on August 19, followed by its introduction in most other European markets in September and in the markets of North America and Japan in Spring 2006. For 43 years now, the term variant has been the trademark for Volkswagen estate car models around the globe. The original variant was given the simple name of Type 1500. Eleven years later, Volkswagen presented the first of more than 4.3 million Passat produced to date as a variant.

Universal: In Germany, the Passat Variant, especially the TDI version, is often the automobile of choice for young families as well as businesses. At the same time, it is considered the ideal vehicle for activities of all kind by hundreds of thousands of private buyers around the world. Its attractive introductory price means the dream of owning a Passat Variant remains an affordable one. This Volkswagen automobile is equally attractive to fleet operators with a keen focus on value for money and private car buyers who place exceptional demands on their automobile.


The comprehensive programme of series fittings

Complete: The new Passat Variant will be available in the four fittings versions Trendline, Comfortline, Sportline and Highline, with even the basic version (Trendline) including series fittings such as an electric stabilisation program, Climatic, six airbags, 16-inch wheels, electric front window lifts, remote-controlled central locking, electronic parking brake, electromechanical power steering, the Press & Drive ignition system, LED indicator and rear lights plus automatic emergency-braking warning lights, an unfoldable loading surface, an asymmetrically collapsible rear bench (seating surface and backrest; when folded down completely, it creates a level surface) and roof rails, among other features.

Stabilising: Passat Variants ordered with a tow bar also include the electric stabilisation program with a stabiliser for towed vehicles. This feature helps to neutralise the swaying motion to which caravans in particular are susceptible.

Performance spectrum from 75 to 184 kW

Powerful: Eight types of engines will be available in Europe, with the performance spectrum of these engines ranging from 75 kW / 102 hp to 184 kW / 250 hp. Seven of the available petrol and diesel versions are direct-injection engines, four feature a turbo charger, and all meet the EU-4 standard. The basic-version engines feature a five-speed gearbox, while all others come with a six-speed one. The DSG and Tiptronic automatic versions likewise feature six speeds. Two of the engines have been newly developed: a 2.0-litre TDI with 125 kW / 170 hp, Piezo unit injector and diesel particulate filter, and a 3.2-litre V6 FSI provided as a series feature in combination with the direct-shift double-clutch gearbox (DSG) and 4MOTION all-wheel drive. A further option available for the 4MOTION version as of autumn 2005 is a 110-kW petrol engine (2.0 FSI) and a 103-kW turbo diesel engine (2.0 TDI).

New dimensions and as much as 1,731 litres of cargo space

Expanded: The dimensions of the new Passat Variant are another compelling attraction. With a length of 4.77 metres and a width of 1.82 metres, this automobile is 9.2 centimetres longer than its predecessor and 7.4 centimetres wider. Even though the new Variant seems lower and more dynamic than the fifth-generation model, it is actually 1.9 centimetres higher (1.52 metres, including series-fitted roof rails).

Inviting: The car's expanded length, width and height mean more cargo space and more passenger room. The storage volume afforded by the space up to the cargo area cover/bottom edge of the window is 603 litres (+108 Litre). The full capacity of this spacious automobile, i.e. including the 90 litres of space provided by the spare wheel well, is 1,731 litres (+131Litre). The volume of the tank was increased from 62 to 70 litres. The Passat Variant can also take on quite a bit of weight more than its predecessor, with a payload of up to 638 kilograms, i.e. 43 more than the previous model.

Cargo bay extendable to a length of 2.9 metres

Boot with front seat (passenger) in folded down position

Loaded: To ensure that loading is as simple as possible, the tailgate lifts up to a height of 2.06 metres, with the load sill situated at a height of only 62 centimetres. The long-cargo channel measures a length of 72 centimetres. The interior cabin affords headroom to the roof lining of 83 centimetres; the width between the wheel wells on either side measures 1 metre. The area of greatest width in the cargo area is 1.3 metres; minimum length: 1.13 metres. When the rear seatback is folded down to create a level surface (series bench: 1/3 and 2/3 divided), the cargo area offers an available loading length of 1.96 metres. Seat surfaces and backrests in the rear compartment can be individually folded within a matter of seconds. A series feature in the Passat Variant Comfortline and optional for the Trendline model, Volkswagen also provides a fold-down front-passenger seat, thus allowing objects of up to 2.9 metres in length to be stowed in the Passat Variant.

A fireworks of technology

Innovations: The new Passat Variant possesses the same exciting technology highlights that were featured in the saloon version presented at the start of the year. However, this five-door automobile also comes with a number of other new systems as well as technology features now available in both versions:

Newly integrated child seats: The Passat will be available with the option of a newly developed generation of integrated child seats. For one thing the side supports can be set in upright positions, thus offering added support. For another, so-called booster pillows have been integrated into the headrest mountings. These offer even more side support, enhancing both comfort and safety.

ACC + stopping distance control: The Passat Variant will be one of the few automobiles to offer automatic cruise control (ACC). The ACC system uses a radar to monitor traffic ahead of the Passat Variant, thereby ensuring not only an automatically defined safety gap, but also that the stopping distance is shortened when the brake is operated preventively. Such stopping distance control is the third revolutionary driver-assistance feature (the other two being ABS and the electric stabilisation program) which actively helps prevent serious motor-vehicle accidents (only in combination with automatic transmission).

Automatic level control: Fully automatic level control of the rear axle optimises comfort and safety. The system was designed specifically for this particular vehicle series and is available as an optional extra (not in vehicles with performance running gear). The individual components of this self-pumping, hydro-pneumatic level control system were designed as integral parts of the shock absorbers, so no additional space was needed to accommodate them.

Ingenious bicycle carrier system: In its basic design, this new bicycle carrier system is similar to those carriers mounted on the tow bar. The new VW carrier, however, no longer requires the effort of fixing it to the tow bar, since it is simply mounted onto two pins attached to the specially equipped bumper bar. This solution is simple, it is quick and it is safe. Even when the bicycle carrier system is mounted, the hatchback opens without a problem.

Luggage management package: The Passat Variant features a new, specially designed luggage management package for the cargo surface. The system comprises two rails positioned on the left and the right side of the cargo area interior. These rails can be used to individually fix straps, a telescopic rail and four lashing eyelets into place.

Tailgate which opens and locks electronically

Photos: VW

Electric tailgate: For the first time ever, Volkswagen offers an electrically opening and closing tailgate. Its ultra-flat power unit is mounted into the roof area. The angle of the opening, and thus the height of the tailgate opening, is infinitely variable.

Analogous technology: In addition to these new systems, the following innovative technology also featured in the saloon is available for order in the Passat Variant: lock and start system Kessy, Premium Mobile phone fixing with Bluetooth interface, DVD navigation system, VW sound system (250 Watt), Dynaudio sound system (600 Watt), 230-volt Euro socket, bi-xenon headlamps with cornering light, tire-fill-pressure control system, tires with emergency running properties, a solar sun roof and, last but not least, automatic air-conditioning (Climatronic) with an indirect ventilation function.

(July 25, 2005)

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