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News of  May 02, 2001



Photo: PSA

Paris - CitroŽn is launching the Xsara HDi 110 bhp featuring the high-pressure direct-injection Common Rail engine coupled with the auto-active automatic gearbox or a manual gearbox. Scheduled for early May 2001 in France, the launch rounds out the range of Xsara diesels with a "luxury" version that combines acceleration, response and driving pleasure with low running costs and respect for the environment.

The Xsara HDi 110 bhp is available on the Coupe versions with the SX and VTS trim, and on the saloon and estate versions with the SX and Exclusive trim. The Exclusive and VTS models are equipped with Everest type aluminium wheels. The HDi engine is enjoying great commercial success. Since October 1998, CitroŽn has registered more than 451,000 vehicles equipped with the HDi, of which almost 150,000 Xsaras.


The HDi engine is turbocharged with an air-to-air intercooler and capacity of 1,997 cm3. It develops maximum power of 80 kW (110 bhp) at 4,000 rpm with torque of 250 Nm at 1,750 rpm. The high torque available from the lowestengine speeds is one of the main characteristics of this engine. The torque curve is rounded, with more than 200 Nm between 1,250 and 3,800 rpm. As a result, the engine is quick to respond in all circumstances to bring the driver increased safety, driving pleasure and peace of mind.

Extensive studies were conducted on the Xsara HDi 110 bhp in order to ensure excellent acoustic performance. First, noise emissions are reduced at source through a pre-injection (or pilot injection) of fuel that gradually increases the temperature in the combustion chamber. The engine block structure has been stiffened by ribbing, and the whole engine has been encapsulated for the well-being and acoustic comfort of the occupants.

Combined consumption on the Xsara HDi 110 bhp is 5.2 litres per 100 km with the manual gearbox and 5.8 litres per 100 km with the auto-active gearbox. Vehicle range on extra-urban journeys easily exceeds 1,000 km. The high-quality combustion and controlled fuel consumption considerably reduce pollutant emissions to make the engine more environment friendly. Emissions of CO2 gas, the main cause of the greenhouse effect, are 138 grammes per km (with the 5-speed gearbox) i.e. the level of CO2 emissions targeted for 2008 in the agreement signed by European carmakers (ACEA).

This excellent performance can be attributed to the use of Common Rail technology, in which a single rail supplies fuel to the four injectors at very high pressure levels of up to 1,350 bars. An electronic control system optimises the fuel/air mix in all conditions of use. Moreover, efforts to reduce the weight of parts and decrease friction have also played a major role in cutting consumption and pollutant emissions and improving reliability.


The HDi 110 bhp engine and auto-active gearbox combine impressive engine power with peace of mind for the driver. A winning combination that relies on the self-adapting talents of the intelligent auto-active gearbox. A number of programmed gearshift patterns adapt the gearbox automatically to the driver's style (economy, medium, sport, etc.), the selected programme (sport, snow or first gear), the external conditions (road profile, grip, vehicle loading, acceleration or deceleration, etc.) and the internal conditions (gearbox oil temperature and pressure, cold engine, etc.).

As well as managing the gearshift patterns, the electronic control unit monitors and controls a number of parameters in order to ensure maximum active safety for vehicle occupants and prevent gearbox damage.

The selector lever and offset gear grid are designed to ensure smooth gear changing. The system features six positions in automatic mode: P (Park), R (Reverse), N (Neutral), D (Drive), 3 and 2. Three pushbuttons to the right of the grid select the "snow", "sport" and "first gear" programmes. As an additional safety measure, the position currently selected is indicated on the instrument panel.


Since its market debut in 1997, the Xsara has sold more than 1,200,000 units around the world, of which 380,000 in France. Diesel engines account for 53% of the total. Since its restyling in September 2000, Xsara diesel models have accounted for 70% of sales in France.

(April 26, 2001)

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