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News of  April 18, 2001


New Dana Innovation Makes 4WD Vehicles More Fuel Efficient

FT. WAYNE, Ind. - Dana Corporation's Spicer Light Axle Group introduced Dual Advantage(TM), an innovative new disconnect system with single-point actuation.  This innovative system facilitates improved fuel efficiency by significantly decreasing drag found in the front axle of 4X4 applications. Dana is the leading supplier of front axle 4x4 applications in North America.

The Dual Advantage(TM) system is the industry's first dual-disconnect system that uncouples both front axle shafts of a 4WD vehicle while in two-wheel drive mode, with single-point electronic actuation.

The patented Dual Advantage(TM) system is capable of reducing drag by allowing the differential gears in the front axle to remain stationary when the axle is disconnected.  This is not possible with existing single disconnect systems. The Dual Advantage(TM) system lessens the potential in some applications for NVH issues, does not add any additional weight, and fitsin the same or smaller packaging envelope as single-disconnect systems. It can also interact with either single-point electronic or mechanical actuators.

"This innovation is representative of Dana's commitment of supplying new and ground-breaking technology that addresses current and future vehicular needs as well as torque management needs for the ever growing 4x4 market," said Bill Carroll, president of Dana's Automotive Systems Group. "Together with our landmark Hydra-Lok(TM) limited slip differential and new TXT(TM) torque management technology, the electronic Dual Advantage(TM) system demonstrates Dana's continuing leadership in the development of next-generation torque management offerings that deliver value and fuel efficiency for the end consumer."

Added Ismael Melgar, president of Dana's Global Automotive Axle Products Group. "The Dual Advantage(TM) system offers consumers a viable alternative for increasing fuel efficiency for their 4WD vehicle platforms. This attribute is important to the end user with today's growing concern over fuel prices. The advantage to the OEMs is that Dana's innovative technology also supports their continuing pursuit of government CAFE requirements for greener vehicles."

(April 17, 2001)

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