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News of  April 18, 2001


Toyota Highlights Vision And Innovative Thinking In New Corporate Advertising Campaign, "Today Tomorrow Toyota"

Campaign To Run In Over 50 National Publications, Including Eclectic Affinity Mix 

Photo: Toyota

New York, NY - Toyota announced the launch of a new corporate advertising campaign entitled "Today Tomorrow Toyota." The campaign focuses on the vision and innovative thinking of Toyota and will run in over 50 national publications, ranging from Newsweek to Environmental Design and Construction.

"This campaign has evolved from the one running since 1997. It continues the theme of Toyota as a good global neighbor, but goes beyond the facts of our presence in America," said Marjorie Schussel, manager of corporate communications for Toyota Motor North America. "This new campaign presents Toyota’s vision as a company, and how the projects we are investing in today will have a greater positive impact in the future."

The advertisements contain three columns of text, one each under the "Today Tomorrow Toyota" banner. The first ad, focusing on Toyota’s intelligent highway systems, reads, "Today... Develop smart highway systems to help traffic move more smoothly. Tomorrow... Think up new excuses for being late to work."

The second ad reads, "Today... Mass-produce a hybrid system that reduces smog-forming emissions by up to 90%. Tomorrow... The other 10%." In both ads, the "Toyota" column provides details on the highlighted program.

The campaign was created by Oasis Advertising, New York. "Toyota and Oasis have spent the last 18 months speaking with consumers and analyzing their attitudes toward corporations," said Paul Bernasconi, partner/creative director at Oasis. "We learned that consumers are genuinely interested in more than information about the product or corporate facts. They want to get an understanding about the spirit and philosophy of the corporation behind the product.

"Toyota has always been known for making quality products, but people don’t know as much about Toyota’s visionary spirit and that the company is working on projects that will have a positive impact on everyday life," added Bernasconi.

In addition to well-known titles such as Business Week, Newsweek, and National Geographic, the advertising is scheduled to run in non-traditional vehicles for corporate advertising. These vertically targeted magazines and trade journals have audiences with a strong affinity for environmental and technological topics, including Architecture, Environmental Design and Construction, and American Scientist.

"At a time when new media is a hot topic, we’ve found an innovative way to utilize a very traditional medium -- print -- to reach this audience," added Schussel. "Toyota has worked with the creative team at Oasis for over 12 years, and they continue to deliver high quality advertising that captures the many facets of Toyota as a corporation."

(April 16, 2001)

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