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News of  April 11, 2001


Micro Compact Car smart GmbH - Extremely positive sales figures trend continues 


Photo: MCC

  • Sales figures increased by almost 36 percent in the first quarter 

  • Andreas Renschler: "The extension of our product range now gives our customers an even greater chance of finding a car to suit them" 

  • Sales of cars with a diesel engine increase by more than 86 percent 

Renningen - In the first quarter of this year there was a further clear increase to the sales figures for the smart compared with the corresponding period last year. 18,464 cars were sold from January to March 2000, and this year 25,080 cars have been sold, an increase of almost 36 percent. 

Andreas Renschler, president of MCC smart says that: "The extension of our product range from six to 13 model variants gives our customers an even greater chance of finding a car to suit them amongst the numerous variants. Apart from this the launch of the smart on the Greek, British and Japanese markets has enabled us to generate additional sales volume." 

In addition to this the increased sales figures can also be attributed to an increased share of cars with diesel engines: In the first three months of this year 5,869 smart with common-rail direct injection (cdi) were sold. In the corresponding period last year 3,148 of these cars were sold, amounting to an increase of more than 86 percent. 

The cabriolet, which has also been available with a diesel engine since March of this year, played a part in this success. The car consumes 3.4 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres (NEDC) under standard conditions, corresponding to CO2 emissions of just 90 grammes per kilometre. This makes the smart the first car in the world to be available also as a three-litre cabriolet. 

(April 09, 2001)

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