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News of  April 11, 2001


Visteon completes purchase of C-REC and SDX voice recognition technology from Lernout & Hauspie

Dearborn, Michigan - Visteon Corporation announced that it has purchased C-REC(TM) and SDX speech recognition technology from L&H Holdings USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products N.V.  This purchase enables Visteon to strengthen its position in automotive voice recognition technology, and also allows the company to enter non-automotive markets such as cellular phones, PDAs and smart phones.

To focus on the development and commercialisation of these new markets, Visteon will form a yet-to-be-named subsidiary that will be headquartered in Boston, Mass., with an additional office to be located in Bristol, U.K. Approximately 30 research/development and application engineers will concentrate on the advancement of speech interface in automotive and non- automotive applications. Concentrating on using voice technology as an enabler, the new company will develop leading-edge speech solutions that will enable faster-to-market delivery of new and innovative products in the areas of navigation, communication, entertainment, in-vehicle computing and audio systems.

C-REC(TM) is a continuous speaker independent, phonetic-based speech recognition engine that enables a wide range of applications to the automotive telematics/multi-media market and has direct applicability to non-automotive markets as well. SDX is a layer of additional software that contains a programming interface and application software that enables efficient integration of C-REC(TM) into commercial products.

These applications will enable users to access the Internet to check e- mail, obtain real-time information such as news, weather reports and stock quotes, as well as tap into array of speech enabled services that allows the user to locate restaurants, banks and petrol stations.

Use of speech interface in automotive devices eliminates the need to manually control many dashboard level instruments, fostering a safer operating environment by allowing drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

By applying Visteon Voice Technology(TM), users simply speak commands in a normal voice to play certain songs on a CD, adjust the vehicle's interior temperature, or place a phone call.  The system understands continuous and natural speech patterns without the need to be trained by the user. Additionally, the technology recognises commands expressed in regional dialects for eight languages

(April 9, 2001)

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