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News of  April 04, 2001


Micro Compact Car smart GmbH: Ekhard Kaltenbrunner is the new plant manager at smartville in Hambach

  • Merger of the "Production” and "Supplier Management & Procurement” departments

  • Eckhard Kaltenbrunner reports to Rainer Genes, director of "Production, Procurement & Supply”

Renningen - On 01.03.2001 Ekhard Kaltenbrunner (37), previously responsible for "Logistics” operations at MCC France, took over the management of the smartville plant, the smart production facility in Hambach, France.

At the same time the "Production” division was assigned to Rainer Genes (40). Rainer Genes is already a director responsible for "Supplier Management & Procurement” operations, and he now manages the new division "Production, Procurement & Supply”. Eckhard Kaltenbrunner reports directly to Rainer Genes in his capacity as plant manager.


Ekhard Kaltenbrunner

Photo: smart

The merging of the two departments to one division means that large parts of production-related functions are now integrated in one organisational unit, leading to a further improvement to the product quality, and efficient cooperation between the two divisions.

Harald Bölstler (50), the outgoing production manager at MCC smart, has assumed a new function within the group. He is currently a member of the restructuring team at Mitsubishi and will later take on a line function there.

(March 29, 2001)

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